Currently remote users are limited to 1 stream per account, as I just do not have the system to support more currently.  
---Meaning the computer is not strong enough to support more then 1 viewing at a time per household.---

You are welcome to share it with family/people in your household, such as on a living room TV, but please don't share your login.
I can see the IP address and location history of every user, so don't be "that person".

Every user by default has no content rating limit, but if you have kids you can create a managed user and restrict content from that user.
If you want to be safe, I can limit your entire account to not show PG-13/R/TV-MA content from the server.
Remember 1 stream per account, meaning if someone is watching in their bedroom, you cannot watch in the living room.

 If the server is down, check #downtime. 

I don't mind inviting friends of family but... its going to get to a point where the computer currently running the server will not be able to handle to many people watching their show at the same time, and will need upgrades to the system. Which leads me to this
Not to sound too sketchy but ...please keep this on the hush hush because it's a legal grey area, not for you but for me personally.
As I am supplying streaming content to which I do not hold copyrights to, for example Netflix buys the copyrights to a particular show and is then allowed to sell you access to watch that show, I don't own any of the media, and even though I'm not selling access, it's fairly similar to me handing out DvD copies.

 This won't last forever, I may have to pull the plug at any moment, for any reason.
I literally get copyright infringement notifications from my internet provider monthly.
So let me make this very, very clear, ...enjoy it while you can, because for any reason, at any time, it could go offline and never come back.