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We understand rules are boring and most skim threw, but please take 5 minutes and have a read.

General Rules
1. Respect everyone, we all are human beings and should be treated equally.
2. All publicly displayed messages are only limited to English. This includes posts, titles, signatures, profiles and other forms of public display.
3. Do not give your personal data (Login data, passwords, email, IP, home address, etc).
4. Only one account is permitted. Do not giveaway your account, or let multiple people using it, or register multiple accounts. We have a strict policy on banning multiple accounts.
5. Promotion of competitors sites within the signature, avatar, thread, post, website URL and so forth is strictly forbidden.
6. Child pornography, harassment/offensive material, phishing, malicious file distributions are not permitted on forums.
7. If you are adding any shortened URL then you are also needed to post non-referral/non-monetize URL as well.

Last updated January 10, 2020.